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Includes all of the parts needed to fix common HPA tank issues that arise at the field. All parts are encased in a small plastic hinge-top box. Don't get stuck at the field without a working tank. Pick up a Tank Repair kit by Captain O-Ring today! Includes: (1) Fill Nipple (2) 7.5k Burst Disks (2) 5k Burst Disks (2) 1.8k Burst Disks (10) Polyurethane Tank O-Rings (90 durometer) (3) 015 Bottle Neck O-Rings (3) 112 Bottle Neck O-Rings (1) Hinge Top Plastic Divider Box

  • (1) Fill Nipple
  • (2) 7.5k Burst Disk
  • (2) 5k Burst Disks
  • (2) 1.8k Burst Disks
  • (10) Tank O-Rings
  • (3) Small Regulator-to-Bottle O-Rings
  • (3) Large Regulator-to-Bottle O-Rings
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