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Designed to deliver top-level performance and durability in an affordable package – the eNMEy® is the perfect paintball marker if you’re just starting out, looking for a durable rental marker, or simply want to get back in touch with the mechanical roots of the game.

The eNMEy® paintball marker is the workhorse you’ve been looking for since finding out about paintball. Designed and built by GOG® Paintball the eNMEy is the marker of choice when durability, weight, paint handling, and cost are your deciding factors. 

True Pneumatic Design – Reduced Wear

The eNMEy® shoots smooth and accurate with low recoil, low maintenance, and zero metallic wearable components. 

The eNMEy® is a spool valve paintball marker, using precisely balanced gas pressures to cycle without any springs or metal wearing components. With only a single moving part, recoil is absolutely minimized and accuracy is enhanced compared to other platforms.

The eNMEy® bolt design also makes the eNMEy® marker is incredibly easy on paintballs, preventing chamber brakes that can ruin your game. 

CO2 or Compressed Air – Safely handles both

The eNMEy® works with all paintball propellant sources, even CO2. An integrated pressure relief valve protects valve components and reduces pressure spikes associated with liquid CO2.

Players can expect the eNMEy® to provide stable velocity with compressed air or CO2, and will rest easy knowing that the vertical regulator and integrated relief valve will protect the eNMEy’s internals as well as player safety.

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